Swanfire Appreciation Week
Day 3: Favorite Quote
"It used to be Emma’s. It was supposed to represent our life together."

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True love is much better then rebound hook and sinker


True love is much better then rebound hook and sinker

mcu meme  »  seven quotes [1/7]
↳ “she was already perfect

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how am i still having such a situation over the there’s no place like home flashback idek bUT WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT JEN AND MIKEY AND HOW FUCKING /LOVELY/ THAT DYNAMIC WAS 

because that scene is really pivotal for what actually happens in it, but also— most of the tallahassee flashbacks are after they’re already together. we see where they end up and how they are together in an established relationship, but this is how they started? Emma guarded and wary and cautiously curious while Neal is spinning around in his damn swing and swinging back and forth and all bouncy and excited. Emma grew up too fast and Neal was 14 for centuries and that’s so evident in how Jen and Mikey are both playing their characters and playing off each other? it’s just so smart and so good and such a well-developed dynamic dgdfgdhjk

and fuck it’s just so important to me— they connect over being alone and abandoned and it happened in different ways for both of them, they have different experiences but ultimately share the same wants and needs. and when we see that established relationship, we have an emma who can laugh without thinking about it and a neal who wants to settle down with her and this first date is where that all started AND I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SCENE AND MY DUMB OTP.

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Swanfire appreciation week

day two  favorite scene

 i just want you to be happy even if it’s not with me

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john oliver is really not fucking around 

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neal cassidy is so important that he was able to learn how to survive in multiple words in multiple time periods and raise himself after being abandoned multiple times as a child and knowing nothing about the worlds he ended up in 

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